About Us

SlabTec - Building Strength Through Innovation

We provide Engineering solutions for Concrete Strengthening and Remediation. We are an Australian-based company focused on the Australasian region of the Pacific and Gulf territories of the UAE. We specialise specifically in the upgrade, modification, and repair of all concrete structures. We have the ability to provide services from supply and installation up to detailed design and construct solutions for most situations.  

We have extensive knowledge of the building industry with a combined 50+ years in the industry and are leaders in the remediation and modification of Conventional and Post Tensioned structures.  

At present we are approved applicators for  

  • SIKA CarboDur Systems, Crack Injection, and Concrete Repair Technology 
  • BASF Carbon Fibre and Concrete repair systems 
  • Seal Boss Waterstop crack repair systems and  
  • Megapoxy Repair Systems  

We are constantly looking to expand our knowledge of in-house proprietary products to help the builder find sound economic solutions to any problem. 


SlabTec can provide the following services to assist your business in finding the most economical solution tailored to your construction needs: 

  • Carbon Fibre Strengthening (CFRP) Design and Construct (Carbon Fibre Specialists). 
  • Substrate Adhesion Testing (Pull off tests) 
  • Concrete Strengthening and Remediation. 
  • GPR Slab Scanning. 
  • Post Tension Tendon Truncation (PTTT). 
  • Crack Injection – Structural epoxies. 
  • Crack Injection - Polyurethane water stop technologies. 
  • Concrete Repair / Remediation. 
  • Concrete Coatings for anti carbonation and durability. 


We are also able to provide the following services if: 

  • Small Project Post Tensioning 
  • Grouting Services  
  • Post Tensioned Stressing Pan Filling Services 
  • Hydraulic Heavy Lifting 
  • Slab Bolt Dowel System TM

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